If you snore in your sleep, you not only disrupt your own lovers sleep, it has been proven to have a harmful effect on the quality of your own sleep. Studies have proven that those who are susceptible to disturbed sleep patterns may also be more in danger of developing serious health problems.
 Individuals who are diagnosed as suffering from sleep apnea are in severe danger while asleep. They might or might not snore during sleep, but they do stop breathing for a short periods. The person is not going to be aware they may have this issue, unless of course it is noticed by their partner.

The actual diagnosis is usually confirmed over time of observation in a sleep center. Snorers are often provided with a CPAP machine in order that the person continues to breathe while sleeping.

You may wish to know, what causes this noise. Your doctor can show you that in some way, your sleep breathing is being obstructed, and the air flowing in or out will cause some structure in your throat to vibrate.

This is usually your uvula. The uvula is the finger shaped appendage at the read of your mouth, just before the esophagus. The vibration may be also caused by the tongue, or even muscles in the throat.

Your doctor can discover the cause, as your disturbed sleep, or that of your sleeping partner, and understand if you have sleep apnea. This condition can lead to brain damage if not attended to, and will have a very negative effect on your personal and professional lives.

Remember, when looking for a medicine to help sleep then the best solution is to choose one that contains all natural ingredients because they are safer and more effective than prescription medicines